X Introduces New Premium Subscription for Livestreaming


Elon Musk’s social media platform X has announced a forthcoming update. In addition, it will mandate users to acquire a premium subscription in order to initiate a live stream. This development follows the recent implementation of private likes on the platform for all users.

Livestream Subscription Requirement for X Users

The company has not specified the restriction of a definitive timeline for the premium subscribers. However, it has indicated that this change will take place soon.

Additionally, users will no longer have the capability to commence live streams via the X integration on the encoder platform.

Official Announcement


The official ‘@live’ profile on X confirmed the news through a post, stating, “Starting soon, only Premium subscribers will be able to live stream (create live video streams) on X. This includes going live from an encoder with X integration. Upgrade to Premium to continue going live.”

Comparison with Other Platforms of X

It is worth noting that unlike other major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, X will require users to possess a premium subscription to commence a livestream.


Evolution under Elon Musk’s Leadership

Since assuming control of the social media platform in 2022, Elon Musk has introduced several alterations. In addition, it includes discontinuing the old verified program, rebranding the company from Twitter to X, and eliminating the ability to block accounts. Notably, the app does not currently impose a fee for basic features like starting a live stream, signaling potential changes in the future.

Focus on the Premium Subscription Model


With advertising revenue posing a persistent challenge for X, Musk and his team are increasingly prioritizing the growth of the premium subscription model. The X Premium subscription ranges from ₹215/month (on the web) to ₹1,133 for the Premium+ tier.

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Potential Expansion of Fee-based Features by X

Earlier this year, Musk hinted at the possibility of X charging new users a nominal fee for posting on the platform. The platform has already commenced charging new users in the Philippines and New Zealand $1 for posting privileges.

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