WhatsApp to Add New Design for Status Update Section


WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is revamping the status update section on its Android app to enhance user experience. Beta users are currently testing the redesigned interface. In addition, it is likely to roll out to more users soon.

Changes in the Status Update Section on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is redesigning the status update section on its Android app to provide a better user experience. The revamp includes a new layout and design elements. Additionally, it focuses on making it easier for users to preview status updates. Further, they don’t need to lose the option to view profile pictures of the contacts that have posted them.


Key Features of Redesigned Interface

Status Preview Option: Beta testers have reported a thumbnail preview of status updates on the right side of the screen for users who follow channels. For users who do not follow any channel, there is a vertical list for status updates. As a result, it features a redesigned thumbnail for profile photos and the status preview.

Improved Visibility: Previously, the profile photo would disappear, leaving only the status visible. In the new feature, the thumbnail will appear next to the profile photo. Thus, it will allow users to easily view contacts and browse updates.


Additional Features Introduced by WhatsApp

In addition to the status update section redesign, WhatsApp has been introducing other new features to enhance user experience.

HD Quality for Photos and Videos: WhatsApp allows users to set HD quality as the default for sending photos and videos through chats. This feature has started rolling out to both iOS and Android users. As a result, it enables them to send high-resolution media by adjusting settings in the app.


“Calling Update” Feature:  WhatsApp has also introduced a “Calling Update” feature. In addition, it includes support for screen sharing with audio and increased participation for video calls across devices. Additionally, it has the ability to put the spotlight on the speaker.

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WhatsApp continues to innovate and enhance its platform by introducing new features and redesigning existing interfaces. Users can look forward to an improved experience with the upcoming rollout of the redesigned status update section. The addition of new features for communication and media sharing.

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