WhatsApp to Unveil Various New Features for Users


In the latest wave of updates from Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, users can anticipate a fresh array of features. In addition, the design of these features will elevate users’ messaging experience. Reportedly, among the upcoming additions is a feature that enables users to transform images into stickers.

Control Over Avatars in Stickers

The WhatsApp beta for Android is unveiling settings that grant users control over who can utilize their avatars in stickers. This newfound control empowers users to manage the utilization of their personal images within the app. As a result, it will offer an enhanced privacy and security level.


Incorporation of Unicode 15.1 Emojis

Recent developments from WhatsApp include the incorporation of Unicode 15.1 emojis into the app’s keyboard. In addition, this move aimed at enriching the overall user experience. Additionally, speculations are circulating about Meta exploring the option of integrating messages from third-party instant messaging services into WhatsApp. Thus, this hints at a potential shift towards increased interoperability.


Chat Interoperability Feature in Response to Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) Regulations

In response to Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, WhatsApp is reportedly in the development phase of a chat interoperability feature. In addition, it could enable users to send messages to third-party applications like Signal or Telegram.


This move comes as a proactive measure to comply with the DMA regulations. As a result, it mandates large companies, term as ‘gatekeepers.’ Also, this facilitates communication between various messaging apps within a six-month timeframe. 

Opt-In Functionality for Chat Interoperability Feature

WhatsApp is actively developing a new segment dedicated to third-party chats. In addition, it is currently accessible in the WhatsApp beta version, build version The design of the chat interoperability feature is an opt-in functionality. Thus, it implies that users will need to manually activate the feature for use.

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The extent to which Meta will pursue interoperability remains uncertain. In addition, not all features observed in beta testing are likely to make it to the official app. Some alterations, such as increased interoperability, could significantly benefit users. However, Meta may prioritize other developments based on user feedback and strategic objectives. Nevertheless, monitoring beta testing provides valuable insights into potential future updates for WhatsApp users.

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