Apple Unveils New Transcripts Feature for Podcasts App


After a month of beta testing, Apple has released its iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 updates. In addition, the company is introducing several new features and improvements. Apple’s iOS 17.4 update debuts a new transcription feature in the Podcasts app. As a result, it will enable users to access full episode text, search for specific words, and follow along while listening. A font contrast enhancement and font size enhance the readability of the transcripts. Additionally, this ensures improved accessibility.

Overview of the Transcription Feature by Apple

The new transcription feature for the Apple Podcasts app is a new update for users. This feature automatically generates transcripts for podcasts. In addition, once the company publishes the podcast users can listen to it. Thus, it offers several benefits to users.


Benefits of Transcripts

Enhanced Accessibility: The transcripts aim to improve the accessibility of podcasts. In addition, it is particularly for deaf or hard-of-hearing users. This is because it provides a text-based alternative to audio content.

Improved User Experience: Users can read the full text of an episode. They can search for specific words or phrases. Additionally, they can tap on the text to play the podcast from a specific point in the episode.

Language Support: Transcripts are currently available for English, French, Spanish, and German language podcasts. In addition, this feature is available in over 170 countries.


Design and Functionality of New Feature by Apple

Apple has focused on enhancing the user experience by designing the transcripts with improved font and color contrast. As a result, it is making long-form text easier to scan and read. Additionally, the transcripts allow users to easily navigate through episodes. Throughout the episode, users can follow along by highlighting each word to make following along easy.


Future Availability

Transcripts are currently available for the mentioned languages. However, Apple has indicated that transcripts for before-released episodes will also be available over time. This new feature is further expanding the accessibility and usability of this feature.

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