WhatsApp to Unveil New Recent Active Contacts Feature


WhatsApp, the messaging platform under the Meta umbrella, is reportedly set to unveil a novel feature. In addition, the new feature aims to streamline user interaction. This upcoming addition, discovered during beta testing, promises to spotlight recent online contacts. As a result, it will enable users to initiate conversations with those they have recently engaged with.

Purpose of the New Feature


The anticipated feature will furnish users with a convenient means of connecting with friends, family, and colleagues who are presently active or have been online recently. Unlike presenting a comprehensive roster of online contacts, this feature will curate a select list of recent active contacts. As a result, it will prove invaluable when users seek to commence a call. Additionally, it will afford valuable insights into who is currently available for communication.

WhatsApp Commitment to User Experience and Security


This upcoming functionality marks yet another step in WhatsApp’s ongoing quest to enhance user experience and bolster security measures. The initiative to introduce this feature is in line with its broader commitment to optimizing its platform for more efficient and timely communication. WhatsApp encourages users to engage with contacts who are recently active in order to facilitate enhanced communication experiences. As a result, it will make it easy for users to stay in touch with friends and family whenever they are available.

Updates to Enhance Security and Privacy by WhatsApp

Reports also suggest that WhatsApp is actively working on updates to bolster security and introduce new features. In November last year, the platform rolled out a chat lock feature. Thus, it allows users to safeguard sensitive conversations with a secret code. 


However, a notable gap existed as this feature was available to primary devices, leaving chats exposed on linked devices. To address this issue, WhatsApp is reportedly developing an update to extend chat locking capabilities to all linked devices, not just the primary one. This update aims to enhance user privacy by ensuring that locked chats remain protected across various platforms.

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Multi-Device Functionality

Furthermore, for those who work in digital marketing, it is worth noting that WhatsApp Business offers a multi-device beta feature. In addition, it allows users to connect more devices. Once users enable the multi-device feature, users can send messages from any connected device, and all conversations will sync across the devices. 

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