Apple Unveils New Plans for AI-Powered iOS 18


Apple is gearing up to introduce a plethora of AI-driven functionalities in its upcoming iOS 18 operating system. The company may reveal it at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). In addition, it is likely to accompany the launch of the latest iPhone 16 in September.

On-Device Large Language Model Development

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurnman revealed that Apple is in the process of creating a large language model (LLM). In addition, it will operate entirely on the device, powered by the internal processor rather than relying on cloud-based operations. This approach is likely to result in reduced response times and enhanced privacy maintenance. Additionally, it will have the ability to function offline or in areas with limited internet connectivity.


Challenges and Potential Solutions by Apple

Despite the advantages of on-device LLMs, they do not benefit from the vast servers with billions of parameters that bolster most commercial chatbots, such as ChatGPT or Gemini. As a result, this makes them less potent and knowledgeable in various scenarios. However, the report suggests that Apple might collaborate with entities like Google, OpenAI, or other providers to address some of these limitations.


Alternative Marketing Strategy of Apple

The possibility of Apple adopting a distinct marketing strategy for its AI features, focusing on how these tools can enhance users’ daily lives.

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Collaborative Efforts and Future Prospects

Apple is reportedly engaging with companies like OpenAI and Google to enhance the quality of AI features in iOS 18. Although, Gurnman acknowledges that Apple’s initial AI features may not surpass those of its competitors. Additionally, he believes that the tech giant’s implementation of these tools could be a ‘game changer.’

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