Qualcomm Introduces New Chip Designed for Virtual and Mixed Reality


Qualcomm Inc., the leading manufacturer of mobile phone processors, recently unveiled the Snapdragon XR2 chip specifically designed for virtual and mixed reality headsets. This new chip is likely to compete with Apple Inc.’s upcoming Vision Pro.

About the New Chip of Qualcomm

Qualcomm announced that Samsung and Google will use the Snapdragon XR2 chip for their product development. These companies are among the many who are capitalizing on the growing market for devices that integrate virtual and augmented reality into users’ experiences.


Last year, Apple’s announcement of a mixed-reality headset ignited interest in this field. Qualcomm’s chips have played a crucial role in various companies’ attempts to entice consumers into exploring this emerging category. The market is still in its early stages. However, the potential for augmented reality and virtual reality is immense. In addition, AR overlays graphics and written content onto the real world. Additionally, VR immerses users in a digital environment. 

Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta Platforms Inc.’s latest Quest 3 headset combine both technologies. In addition, Microsoft and Meta have previously featured Qualcomm’s XR chips.


Feature of the New Chip

The XR2 chip will significantly enhance the capabilities of headsets by improving the performance of processors and graphics components by up to 20% compared to their predecessors. This advancement allows for the projection of 4K-resolution images on each lens. In addition, it reduces eye fatigue caused by reading text. Additionally, it minimizes the potential for motion sickness. Furthermore, this improvement enables device manufacturers to implement new features.


The XR2 chip’s ability to handle more cameras will enhance depth perception and facilitate eye tracking. In addition, it is essential for orienting users in the real world and recognizing objects.

Closing Note

Said Bakadir, a senior director of product management at Qualcomm, stated that the demand for more powerful technology is due to the users’ desire to explore new possibilities. “People want to push the platform even higher,” he noted.

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Apart from collaborating with Google and Samsung, Qualcomm is working with several other partners. Bakadir hinted that announcements from customers may be forthcoming during next week’s CES show, with products potentially available as early as this year.

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