Microsoft to Add New Update to its Copilot Platform


Microsoft has released a significant update to its AI assistant platform, Copilot. As a result, it will bring a fresh new look and enhanced functionality. Following its launch a year ago, Microsoft Copilot has undergone a design overhaul that promises to deliver a more streamlined user experience. 

About the New Update of Microsoft

The updated interface now includes a carousel that displays prompt suggestions. Thus, it will help users better understand the capabilities of the AI tool. This redesigned UI is now available on the Copilot website and the Copilot Android and iOS apps. Additionally, Copilot now has the ability to edit the images it generates.


What changes can the user see?

The company made the official announcement of these improvements through a blog post, where they unveiled the revamped interface. On the website’s homepage, users will now find a cleaner layout with a single Copilot logo at the top. In addition, it will include a visual carousel showcasing the AI-generated images along with text prompts. 


At the bottom, there is a text field where users can enter their queries. Microsoft stated that the updated look and feel of Copilot will assist users in bringing their ideas to life. In addition, they will gain a deeper understanding of the world.

About the New Designer Tool by Microsoft

In addition to the interface redesign, Microsoft has introduced a new tool called Designer to Copilot. This tool enables users to perform in-line editing on the images generated by Copilot. As a result, it will allow for customization and changes without the need to leave the chat window. 


The editing tool offers a range of features, including object highlighting, color enhancement, and background blurring. In addition, it has the ability to reimagine the image in different art styles. All of these features are available for free users of the tool.

Changes for Pro Users

For Copilot Pro subscribers, the company has provided additional capabilities. In addition, it includes the ability to resize and regenerate images between square and landscape formats, all within the chat interface. Microsoft announced the upcoming release of a new feature called Designer GPT. Additionally, it will offer an immersive canvas inside Copilot for visualizing ideas.

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Closing Note

In other news, Microsoft will be returning to advertise during the Super Bowl, the highly anticipated championship game of the National Football League (NFL) in the US, after a four-year absence. The company plans to showcase people’s “watch me” moments with Copilot. As a result, it will highlight the tool’s capabilities in their advertisements.

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