Apple to Soon Unveil Its New Foldable iPhone Series


Apple, known for its innovative products, may be venturing into the realm of foldable devices following the successful launch of the Vision Pro. Other brands like Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, and Google have already explored the world of foldable phones. However, Apple has yet to release its own version. However, that might soon change.

About the New Foldable iPhone of Apple

Apple is currently in the process of creating prototypes for two clamshell-style foldable iPhones. These devices would feature a design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. In addition, it may possess the ability to stand and capture pictures at a 90-degree angle when unfolded.


¬†Apple’s interest in foldable devices dates back to 2018 when Tim Cook approached Apple engineers about the possibility of creating a foldable iPhone. Apple’s unwavering commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries is evident in its relentless pursuit of groundbreaking features. Thus, it demonstrates the company’s unwavering determination to introduce a captivating foldable device to consumers.


Availability and Specifications

A foldable iPhone may not be available in the near future as it is not part of Apple’s mass production plans for 2024 or 2025. However, the company has reportedly contacted Asian manufacturers to source components for the two different-sized iPhones.¬†


Apple aims to maintain the slimness of its current iPhone models. However, this poses a challenge due to battery size and display components. Additionally, Apple is grappling with the design of a foldable phone with outward-facing displays, as it is prone to breakage.

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Closing Note

The report also confirmed that Apple is exploring the development of a folding iPad with an 8-inch screen, similar to the current iPad Mini. Engineers working on this project are striving to create a hinge. In addition, it allows the display to lie flat when unfolded. Thus, it minimizes the crease that typically appears at the center of the screen.

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