Google Unveiled New Developer Preview of its Android 15


Google has released the “Developer Preview” of its Android 15 operating system for smartphones. In addition, it includes new features and performance-and-security improvements planned for the next version of the Android operating system.¬†

Here’s a breakdown of the new features and improvements that Google could bring to Android-powered smartphones this year:

Google New In-App Camera Controls Feature

With the Android 15 system update, Google plans to add new extensions for more control over the camera hardware. This includes allowing developers to adjust the brightness level of the camera preview with low-light enhancements. In addition, they gain controls to adjust the flash intensity in both single and torch modes.

Performance Control


Android 15 will add new options for performance-intensive apps and games, including a power-efficiency mode. Additionally, it allows developers to prioritize power saving over performance. This mode will enhance the app’s overall experience and allow better background workload management. Additionally, developers will have the capability to know the possible thermal throttling status. As a result, it will help them understand if their program would make the device overheat and cause performance degradation.

Updates to Existing Functions by Google 


Health Connect, a platform for managing and sharing collected data related to health and fitness, will receive an update with Android 15. Thus, it will enable support for new data types within the fitness and nutrition section. Android 15 will include the partial screen sharing capability introduced in Android 14’s beta versions. Thus, it will allow users to record a screen partially or just the content within the app, with user consent required for each recording session.

Privacy and Security


Google will improve user privacy and security with the Android 15 update. An upgrade to the “File Integrity Manager” will allow developers to protect files using custom cryptographic signatures. Thus, it will guarantee that the files remain intact and uncorrupted without any chance of tampering. Additionally, Android 15 will incorporate the latest version of its Privacy Sandbox. It is an initiative by Google to find ways for applications to leverage targeted ads that align with user privacy policies.

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In summary, the Developer Preview of Android 15 brings significant improvements in in-app camera controls, performance management, updates to existing functions, and enhanced privacy and security features. These updates aim to provide a more robust and user-friendly experience for Android-powered smartphones.

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