Google Introduces a New Free AI App


Google has introduced a new artificial intelligence app called Gemini. In addition, it allows users to rely on technology for various tasks such as writing, interpreting text, and more. The company has named the Gemini app after an AI project unveiled by Google late last year. 

About Gemini: The Free AI App of Google

Gemini is likely to become the main way users apply Google’s AI technology to help them think, plan, and create. The app will offer a range of features, including the ability to tutor students. In addition, it will provide programming tips to engineers and generate project ideas. Additionally, it will create content based on user preferences. 


Initially, Google is releasing a standalone Gemini app for smartphones running on its Android software. In a few weeks, Google’s existing search app for iPhones will integrate Gemini’s features. The Gemini app will be available in English in the U.S. first, followed by the Asia-Pacific region with versions in Japanese and Korean.

Bard to Discontinue


With the release of Gemini, Google is discontinuing its previous chatbot called Bard. Additionally, the company has introduced it a year ago. The goal is for Gemini to catch up with ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by the Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI in late 2022. 

Features and Specifications of the Google App 

Google executives believe that Gemini represents a significant advancement in their mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. The app is a new and potentially transformative avenue for Google.


It’s worth noting that Google will continue to offer its existing voice assistant alongside Gemini. However, company executives anticipate that Gemini will become the primary way users engage with Google’s AI technology for assistance in thinking, planning, and creating.

Pricing of Gemini


In addition to the free version of Gemini, Google will also offer an advanced service accessible through the app for a monthly fee of US$ 20. This advanced service is a sophisticated form of AI. In addition, it can provide tutoring and programming tips and generate content based on user preferences.

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Overall, Gemini represents Google’s latest effort to leverage AI technology to enhance users’ lives and provide them with new ways to interact with information and tasks.

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