7 Cheapest Places to Travel Around the World


The cost of travel, the security of the target destination, and lodging alternatives are just a few of the many things to think about while arranging a travel plan. Although the magnificence of pricey locations has its allure, let’s face it: in order to stretch the travel budget, people will need to make adjustments to their trip’s duration and activities there.

There is merit in visiting low-cost nations where a full lunch at a local eatery costs the same as a movie ticket at home or where you can spend the night in a luxurious hotel for the same amount as a bed in a hostel elsewhere.

List of 7 Affordable Places to Travel

Where can travelers go in 2023 that will let them stay longer, have a tremendous level of living, and expend less money? In addition, if people are planning a road trip not to forget the essentials. Here are seven places to travel in the world where travelers can get the necessities like transportation, lodging, and food for less in less price.

Costa Rica

Travel Costa Rican

Although the value of the Costa Rican colón has decreased somewhat recently, it is still attractive to American tourists. The best asset of the nation (i.e., its natural beauty) is also largely accessible for free. Costa Rica is one of the best countries in the world for outdoor adventure, offering everything from surfing off the coast of Peninsula Papagayo to hiking through tropical cloud forests in the mountains of Alajuela. (Furthermore, the hotels are excellent.)


In Egypt, following in the footsteps of the pharaohs ought to be pricey, but thanks to the Egyptian pound’s recent price surge, visiting the Pyramids, cruising the River, and discovering Cairo is now more affordable than ever. Visit the recently opened establishments like St. Regis Cairo and the beach villas at the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria. And even though eagerly anticipated the Great Egyptian Museum’s debut for years, it appears that it may actually take place in 2023.


Travel Thailand

It can be a fabulously inexpensive location to go to anyway — and travelers can find fantastic value on any budget. Resort tourism on the beaches and islands is more pricey than touring through the inland provinces.

Travelers will be in budget travel paradise if they head to the northern Chiang Mai region for the greatest deals. They can find some of the best-value lodgings anyplace here, whether they are searching for a dorm bed for backpackers (from US$ 6 per night) or a high-end hotel with a pool (from US$ 35), all amidst the rice fields, Buddhist temples, and hill tribes.

Due to new laws that ban all boating activity and place a limit on visitors, the famous Maya Bay is once again picture-perfect.


Despite Nepal being one of the most affordable destinations for tourists, the U.S. dollar is now very strong there. The tiny country of Nepal has much more to offer than just climbing Mt. Everest, which is what most people instantly think of when they think of it. At first, Kathmandu is overwhelming, but after travelers start looking about, they will find some fantastic hotels and museums. The nearby Kathmandu Valley cities of Bhaktapur and Patan are a little more sedate but nonetheless brimming with culture.

North Macedonia

Probably because the coastline nations receive most of the attention, North Macedonia continues to be one of Europe’s most criminally underappreciated (and thus inexpensive) nations. For those in the know, the landlocked country is a hidden gem, especially if travelers visit the lovely city of Ohrid. With the added benefit of being situated directly on the beaches of the breathtakingly beautiful and biodiverse Lake Ohrid, it has all the cobbled streets and charming churches one would anticipate from a European town.


Travel Malaysia

In Malaysia, travelers’ money will go a long way, particularly if they load up on street cuisine and tour major cities like Kuala Lumpur on foot. The country’s magnificent beaches, limestone caves, and some of the most stunning tea estates may all be seen cheaply (or even for free in some situations). 


Portugal’s efficient bus, tram, and train networks make it simple to see the country on a budget. Visiting well-known beach sites like Camilo Beach in the Algarve can be affordable if travelers plan their vacations well. Lisbon can be slightly more expensive, but eating out and entertainment are relatively affordable everywhere else in the country.

Traveling outside of June and July, which are Portugal’s two main high seasons, can enable travelers to locate affordable lodging and transportation, allowing them in order to further reduce their costs. Winter is also a terrific time to come for amazing savings, especially if they are traveling to cities, as Portugal is never truly chilly.

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