Sweden to Build a New Entire Wooden City


In the midst of Stockholm, Sweden plans to construct a complete city out of wood in 2025.

About the Wooden City of Sweden

The largest wooden city in the world will get completed by 2027, according to a recent announcement made by the Swedish real estate firm Atrium Ljungberg. The city will locate in Sickla. In addition, it is popular in the southern region of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. 


What will the new city offer?

It would span more than 60 acres of land. Further, it will include up to 7,000 office spaces and 2,000 houses. The project aims to be a vibrant urban mix. Moreover, it will combine residences, eateries, stores, and places of employment to form its own community.


The constructions will have a Scandinavian aesthetic. The city will be of wood. In addition, it will speed up construction and lessen structures’ impact on the environment by up to 50%. 

The city prepares to concentrate on locally generated, stored, and shared power that supports Sweden’s environmental objectives. 


Closing Note

For city people, it provides additional workspaces in the south, cutting down on commute times. In order to ensure that the building plans work in a sustainable manner, the authorities will plant at least two new trees for every one that falls for the project. 

Stockholm Wood City’s first structures are likely to finish by 2027. 

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