YouTube Music to Get New Song Search Feature for iOS Users


Google’s YouTube Music app is reportedly introducing a new song search feature. The new song search icon on the iOS app allows users to play, sing, or hum a song. As a result, it will initiate a search for a specific music track in the YouTube Music library.

Gradual Roll-Out on iOS YouTube Music

The feature is gradually rolling out to the iOS app of YouTube Music. Additionally, it is likely to be available to all iPhone users in the coming days. However, details regarding the roll-out plan for the Android app remain undisclosed.


Alternative Methods for Android Users of YouTube Music

The roll-out plan for the Android app is not yet known. However, there are alternative options available for Android users. The YouTube app for Android offers a similar feature. In addition, users can toggle between Voice and Song search by clicking on the Voice Search option at the top of the screen.


Google’s Song Search Options

Google also provides the option to search for a song by humming or singing using the Google Voice search. Furthermore, Android smartphone users can utilize Google Assistant to identify a song by playing, singing, or humming. Additionally, Pixel phones feature an integrated Now Playing feature. In addition, it automatically identifies the song playing around the device. Moreover, it displays it on the lock screen when enabled.


Enhancing Podcast Listening Experience

Google is reportedly working on enhancing the podcast listening experience on YouTube Music. The platform is likely to receive a new “Trim Silence” feature. In addition, it can automatically detect pauses within a podcast and skip over them. This feature is already available on Google Podcasts. Additionally, it is likely to roll out soon on the YouTube Music app.

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