X Plan to Introduce Fees for New Users


Entrepreneur and tech mogul Elon Musk has announced a bold plan to introduce a nominal fee for new users on the microblogging site X. In addition, it aims to address the issue of bot infiltration. Musk emphasized that the implementation of a charging fee could potentially mitigate the rampant bot problem currently plaguing the platform.

AI’s Ability to Bypass Security Measures

In response to a post by an X account regarding the upcoming changes, Musk expressed his firm belief that imposing a small fee on new accounts is the “only way” to thwart the “onslaught of bots.” He highlighted the alarming ease with which current AI, including troll farms. Additionally, it can effortlessly surpass security measures such as CAPTCHA. Thus, it underscores the urgent need for proactive measures.


User Interaction and Fee Exemption Period in X

In a subsequent interaction, Musk assured users that new accounts would gain the ability to post without incurring a fee after a three-month grace period following their creation. This move will encourage user engagement and content creation. However, it will safeguard the platform against potential misuse by automated systems.


Fee Structure and Regional Variations for X Users

The firm has not disclosed the specifics of the fee structure for new X users. However, the previous practices in certain regions, such as New Zealand and the Philippines, involved a nominal annual fee of US$ 1 for new unverified users. These users were not able to read posts. In addition, they need to pay a fee to interact with the platform by posting, reposting, or replying. Musk may adopt a similar fee model for new users across different regions.

Musk’s Ongoing Efforts to Combat AI Bots

Musk is vocal about the imperative to address the proliferation of AI bots. In addition, X is updating its policies to use public posts for training machine learning algorithms. This proactive approach underscores Musk’s commitment to fostering a secure and authentic user experience on the platform.


Expansion of AI Features and User Accessibility in X

In a recent development, Musk’s AI company, xAI, introduced the “Grok” chatbot to Premium X users. Additionally, it is for users who pay a monthly subscription fee of $8. Reports suggest that X is contemplating making the Grok chatbot available to all users. Thus, it further enhances the platform’s capabilities and user experience.

Challenges and Revenue Impact

Despite Musk’s ambitious initiatives, X has faced challenges in its advertising strategy. As a result, it leads to a decline in revenue potential. Recent data indicates a significant shift in advertising spending, with a substantial portion of the top US advertisers reducing or ceasing ad budget allocation on the platform.


Elon Musk’s Acquisition and Ongoing Innovations

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in a monumental $44 billion deal in 2022. Additionally, the platform has undergone significant transformations. In addition, it includes innovative measures to address bot activity and enhance user engagement. These developments reflect Musk’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change and innovation within the realm of social media and technology.

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