WhatsApp’s New Feature to Edit Sent Messages!


WhatsApp instant messaging service, owned by Meta, is developing a significant new feature. An article claims that iPhone users may soon have the option to alter WhatsApp messages they have already sent.

The ability to edit sent messages can be helpful since it enables users to fix errors or clarify information without sending another message.

New Feature

WABetaInfo, a website that analyses WhatsApp, said if the other participants in the chat are using the most recent version of WhatsApp, the user’s messages will successfully modify for everyone in the conversation.

According to the WABetaInfo report, “if you’re wondering what happens to edited messages sent to people that use an old version of WhatsApp, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

How will the new feature work?

Since WhatsApp will probably release the ability to edit messages when all versions incompatible with this feature have expired. Thus, people will have to upgrade to the latest app version that can receive edited messages.”

New Feature

Users will be able to easily and quickly correct their errors with the help of this feature without having to send additional messages. Also, it can undoubtedly enhance user communication since it will give users a chance to make sure their messages are precise and error-free.

It is important to note that the functionality will allow you to amend a message within 15 minutes. In this case, the message bubble will display the label “modified” next to the message. The capability to modify messages is being worked on and will offer in a subsequent app update.

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Upcoming Updates

In the meantime, WhatsApp is getting ready to roll out a brand-new function called audio chats. Users will be able to start audio chats by clicking the new waveforms symbol that will be present in the chat header. Unfortunately, there isn’t any official information yet about the specific operation of this feature. Therefore, its precise usefulness can be ambiguous.

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