WhatsApp Unveils New Channel Feature


Meta is introducing a broadcast-based messaging feature called Channels on WhatsApp. The social media behemoth plays with providing its 2 billion users with more conversational outlets. Future revenue generation from this feature is another goal for the organization.

About the Channel Feature of WhatsApp

Channels communications on WhatsApp will appear in a new tab called Updates. In contrast to Meta’s strategy on Instagram, where user share channel announcements via direct messaging, this one does not. 


Instead of emphasizing individual creators on WhatsApp, Meta is concentrating on creating channels for organizations like NGOs. In addition, it includes institutes for scientific study and organizations for fact-checking.

How will this work?

Administrators can post text, images, videos, stickers, and polls. Users won’t be able to reply to those communications because, as is noteworthy, they are one-way chats.


WhatsApp is creating a directory so users can locate different channels for their interests, sports teams, and local authorities. In addition, it allows users to join channels using an invite link. The company said it will provide admins with tools to disable discoverability for their channels.

The Availability 

“Today, we’re introducing WhatsApp Channels, a secure way to follow the people and businesses that are important to you directly within WhatsApp. We are beginning in Singapore and Colombia. However, later this year, we will expand to everyone. 


To make communication the most private it can be, we’re establishing Channels. In a statement, Mark Zuckerberg said, “As a channel admin, the user’s phone number won’t display to followers. In addition, the following channel won’t display it to the admin or people following the channel either.

He further stated that the corporation would not retain any copies of the messages received through Channels once erased after 30 days.

Adopters of the Channel Feature of WhatsApp

With early adopters like the Singapore Heart Foundation and fact-checker Colombia Check, Meta is launching Channels in two niche markets: Colombia and Singapore. 


The International Rescue Committee (IRC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and illustrious sports organizations like FC Barcelona and Manchester City are the other prominent international partners who have signed. With the final objective of enabling every user to create their own Channel, Meta intends to expand the availability of the Channels functionality to a larger number of nations over the coming months.

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Closing Note

Following Community, Channels are WhatsApp’s attempt to enable talks among huge groups of 2 billion users. In order to give organizations, schools, and residential complexes a central location for all talks, the business created Communities last year. WhatsApp probably hopes that Channels will make it the preferred medium for authorities and organizations to inform users of updates and warnings.

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