WhatsApp to Roll Out New Feature Soon!


WhatsApp, a platform for instant messaging owned by Meta, will roll out a new HD photo-sending feature for its users. WaBetaInfo claims that certain beta users on Android and iOS are seeing a new option that gives them control over the photo quality. 

About the New Feature of WhatsApp

The new function is accessible to users with the most recent versions of WhatsApp for iOS ( and Android ( installed from the Google Play Store and TestFlight, respectively.


The article, which includes a screenshot of the function, claims that WhatsApp users can select a higher quality when exchanging images. However, the choice only shows up when a user chooses a large-sized image.

However, because this option maintains image dimensions, users won’t be able to send pictures in their original quality.


According to the study, each time a user selects the “high quality” option when sharing a photo, the image is designated as a high-quality photo. Thus, it will add a new tag to the message bubble. 

It claims that the information will make it clear to the recipient when a photo is transmitted using this capability. It is important to note that the feature is exclusive to images.


Closing Note

Currently, there is no other option to submit a video in better quality than as a document. The function is also not accessible when sharing photographs through status updates.

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Only a limited number of beta testers get access to the feature. However, the business will soon make the feature available to end users.

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