WhatsApp to Roll Out New Event Feature for Group Chats


WhatsApp is rolling out a new Event feature within group chats. This feature will simplify the process of organizing meetings, gatherings, and other events directly within group chats. The feature initially started rolling out with the WhatsApp beta for Android update. In addition, it is expected to be available to other users as part of a wider release.

Functionality of the New WhatsApp Event Feature


The new Events feature allows users to create events within group chats. In addition, users need to enter event details such as name, description, date, location, and details about voice or video calls. After creating the event, group members can accept or reject the invitation. Additionally, the original creators can update the event details as needed. It’s important to note that events in group chats will be private. Further, only the participants in the conversation will have access to event details.

Future Functionalities and Meta AI Assistant


WhatsApp is reportedly looking to add more functionalities in the future. In addition, it includes the ability to add event reminders and set cover photos. Meta has started rolling out its Meta AI assistant to users in India directly via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The AI assistant will be available across searches on these platforms. Additionally, it will provide real-time search results from Microsoft and Google.


It’s worth noting that the Meta Conversations event highlighted updates that will change how people and businesses connect online. Two major updates include WhatsApp Voice, which eliminates the need for traditional phone calls. In addition, the new components like calendar pickers and media uploads simplify appointment bookings, customer registration, and onboarding.

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In summary, the new Events feature in WhatsApp’s group chats aims to streamline event organization. Meta is introducing additional functionalities and its AI assistant to enhance user experience across its platforms.

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