Uber Introduces a New Boat Travel Option


Uber announced the addition of private chartered boats as a new mode of transportation at its third annual Go-GET product event in New York.

This summer, a brand-new mode of transportation will make it possible for residents of Greece and tourists to go between the island’s well-known locations by boat.

About the Travel Option of Uber

Up to eight passengers can travel on privately hired boats with Uber Boat in Mykonos to specific locations across the island. The cost will take into account the route’s number of stops, among other things. 

Mykonos will be the first of Greece’s tourist hotspots. In addition, it will allow the travel option, with possibly additional locations in the coastline nation to follow.

Closing Note

In the past, Uber has provided watercraft choices, such as its 2013 San Francisco-based “Boat to Work” campaign.

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Then, in 2020, Uber Boat debuted in London, giving commuters another on-water option. This was made possible by a collaboration between Uber and London’s ferry company, Thames Clippers.

Since a third-party entity does not control it, the Uber Boat in Mykonos differs from the company’s earlier offerings. Notably, international sporting and music entertainment firm AEG Worldwide owned Uber Boat. In addition, it later sold a controlling share to Northleaf Capital Partners.

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