UAE Gets a Brand New Gaming Resort


Wynn Resorts will construct the first casino resort in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition, the construction is likely to complete in the first quarter of 2027. 

About the Gaming Resort in UAE

One of the largest casino operators in the world, with resorts in Boston and Macau as well, is centered in Las Vegas.

The Ras Al-Khaimah casino resort is likely to cost roughly $3.9 billion. In addition, it will contain 1,500 rooms, 24 restaurants, and bars. Additionally, it will also have spa facilities and upscale shops.


Although the company avoided using the word “gambling” because it conflicts with Islamic principles. In addition, the company made outstanding entertainment and gaming promises to the people.


Craig Billings, the CEO of Wynn Resorts, stated: “We have spent the past year meticulously programming and conception Wynn Al Marjan Island, carefully considering its unique location.”

On Wynn Al Marjan Island, which is off the coast of Ras Al-Khaimah, development for the resort has already begun. The firm has postponed the resort’s opening date from 2026 to the beginning of 2027.

Closing Note

The UAE’s effort into gaming and esports comes as Saudi Arabia, a neighbor, invests over $38 billion to establish itself as a gaming hotspot.


In order to promote local talent, the nation purchased renowned esports hubs ESL and FaceIt. In addition, it launched a number of sizable esports competitions.

The UAE hopes that this breakthrough will help it keep pace with its neighbors in the quickly expanding gaming sector.

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The gaming resort will be a big improvement to the tourism and entertainment industries of the nation. Additionally, it is likely to draw a sizable number of visitors from all over the world.

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