Threads Bring New Feature Following and Translation Feature


Threads unveil a few much-needed additional features. A few weeks after its debut, the Twitter rival has been observing its growing user base to determine what features they desire from the text-based application.

About the New Feature by Threads

The most desired feature is A “Following” feed that only shows content from people a user follows. The format of the new feed is similar to that of Instagram. There was simply a “For You page” on Threads before that displayed suggested content.


Posts will appear in chronological order on the “Following” page. In addition, it is how many Instagram users prefer to have their feeds organized.

Another feature of the Threads update is “Translations.” In addition, it converts text posts into the user’s native tongue automatically.


Closing Note

When a user asked for the “Following” button, CEO Mark Zuckerberg replied, “Ask, and you shall receive.”

With all these additional additions, Threads appears poised to significantly challenge Twitter.

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