The Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel to build in South Korea

largest spokeless Ferris

The largest spokeless Ferris wheel in the world will be built, according to plans released by the city of Seoul. The wheels, which have an impressive 180 meters in diameter, are anticipated to be in use by 2027. Long term, the municipality wants to bring more visitors to the nation’s capital. Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon revealed the idea, at a meeting with Foreign Minister Park Jin and other foreign envoys from 99 nations. 

About the Spokeless Ferris Wheel

The 180-meter-diameter structure, known as “The Seoul Ring,” will be constructed in Haneul Park. The neighborhood is well-known in the area for containing the World Cup Stadium and a recently converted old landfill into an ecological park. The estimated price for this project in 2027 is 300 billion won (215 million euros). The city should be able to “expand its tourism activities” as a result of this significant investment.

Spokeless Ferris Wheel

Behind the Ain Dubai (250 m) in the United Arab Emirates, this new generation Ferris wheel will be the second largest Ferris wheel in the world in terms of size without spokes or a hub. In terms of diameter, it will be the first spokeless wheel in the world. As of right now, the wheel in Shandong, China, holds the record. Its diameter of it is 145 meters.

The Feature of the Spokeless Ferris Wheel

The Seoul Ring is a cutting-edge structure with a restrained and futuristic design that should become “an emblem of the city” and represent “the gateway to the capital and its policy of care for the environment,” according to the Korean news agency Yonhap News. The wheel’s location, in Haneul Park, was chosen for a number of reasons, including its proximity to the northern border of the country, according to the Seoul municipality in a news statement announcing the project.

Spokeless Ferris Wheel

36 solar-powered glass automobiles will be present in the ring. There will be 25 seats available in each of them. The plan calls for housing 1,200 people each day. The city also intends to broadcast visitor information on the capsules’ walls using augmented reality technology.

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An attraction that should increase the capital’s expanding tourist population. In a press conference, Hong Sun-ki, director general of Seoul’s Future Urban Spaces Planning, said: “It’s time to put worries aside and build the Ferris wheel as part of a feasible plan to reveal the true value of the Han River and pave the way for the era when nearly 30 million tourists will visit Seoul.

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