Spotify to Bring Free Audiobooks for Premium Users


Spotify announced the extension of its free audiobook perk to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. In addition, it grants users in these regions 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening time. This move accompanies the expansion of Spotify’s audiobook catalog from 200,000 to 250,000 titles. As a result, it further enhances the listening experience. Notably, this perk was already accessible in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

Spotify Competing in the Audiobook Arena


This expansion follows Spotify’s previous declaration that its audiobook service ranks as the second-largest audiobook provider. Thus, it trails behind Amazon-owned Audible. Since its launch in November, users have engaged with over 150,000 titles. In addition, it signifies a strong reception of the free service.

Accessible Listening Experience and Premium Options


Audiobooks are easily accessible on the Spotify app’s Home feed or through the search tab. Spotify Premium subscription users marked as “Included in Premium” can enjoy the new feature. Additionally, users can monitor their listening hours in the app’s settings. Further, if they exhaust their allocated hours, they have the option to purchase additional 10-hour allocations for CAD 14.99, IRE €12.99, and NZD 19.99.

New Subscription Plan and Competitive Edge of Spotify


In a bid to compete with Audible, Spotify recently introduced a US$ 9.99 per month plan in the U.S. As a result, it enables free users to access its audiobook collection. This plan, inclusive of 15 hours of listening, targets users less interested in the music service. Audible’s US$ 14.95 per month subscription, offers one credit to buy a title. Spotify’s $9.99 plan allows users to listen to 15 hours across its catalog. Thus, it often provides enough time to enjoy more than one audiobook.

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