Spotify Roll Out New Spotify AI DJ Feature

AI DJ Feature

One of the most well-known music streaming services, Spotify is well-positioned to compete with the industry behemoth Apple Music due to its rising popularity. In order to maintain its UI modern and fresh, the company continuously creates new upgrades. Recently, it announced new features, such as Spotify AI DJ Feature.

TikTok adopted vertical scrolling and quickly gained popularity. YouTube and Instagram both added it to their apps in consideration of its upward trend. Reels and Shorts is currently the term by which it is known worldwide.

Recently, Spotify unveiled a home screen that utilizes the same architecture. The distinction is that Spotify is a music streaming app rather than a social media platform, making it the first music streaming app to think of something similar.

AI DJ Feature

Furthermore, social media sites frequently mimic one another’s features. However, it is unusual for a music streaming service to incorporate social network capabilities into its apps. Spotify has added podcasts and audiobooks to its audio library in an attempt to differentiate itself from rival music streaming services.

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Spotify AI DJ uses OpenAI AI Tech

Personalized AI DJ powered by OpenAi has now been made available on Spotify. The same business that created DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT is Open AI. But, using it with Spotify will give consumers interesting information about the songs, musicians, or genres they are listening to.

How user can use Spotify’s new AI DJ feature?

Users must play a DJ card in the Music Feed section of the Home tab in the Spotify App to activate the AI DJ feature. They can hit the DJ button again to change to another option if they don’t like the genre, tone, or artist that has been chosen. Without a doubt, this artificial intelligence and machine learning will advance Spotify.

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