Snapchat Unveils New AI Feature for User


Snapchat introduces a new AI reminders feature powered by its My AI chatbot. In addition, it will allow users to set in-app reminders for various tasks and events. Chatbots enable users to set countdowns and reminders directly in the chat window. Thus, it aims to steer users away from using their device’s default clock app and potentially boost Snapchat’s overall usage.


Editable Chats Feature of Snapchat

Users will soon have the ability to edit their messages within a five-minute window after sending them. Initially available for Snapchat+ subscribers, this feature will roll out to all users in the future. Thus, it will offer greater control over communication within the app.


AI-Powered Custom Bitmoji Looks

Snapchat is empowering users to design custom digital garments for their Bitmoji using generative AI. By inputting prompts like “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flower,” users can personalize patterns for their Bitmoji’s attire. In addition, they can add a new layer of creativity to the platform.


Map Reactions and Emoji Reactions by Snapchat

Users who opt to share their location with friends on Snapchat can now quickly react to map locations. Additionally, it includes sending a wave if they pass a friend during their morning commute. Further, Snapchat introduces emoji reactions in chats, aligning with the popular trend seen on other platforms like Instagram and Messenger.


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User Growth and Snapchat+ Subscribers

Following the rollout of these new features, Snapchat reported an increase in daily active users in Q1 2024, reaching 422 million. Thus, it marks a 10% year-over-year growth. Additionally, the number of Snapchat+ subscribers has more than tripled year-over-year, surpassing 9 million subscribers.

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