Snapchat Unveils a New My AI Feature


Snapchat has joined the trend of generative AI incorporated into apps and software by releasing a new feature called My AI Snaps. Subscribers to Snapchat+ are the only ones who can use this function. Thus, it enables them to interact with My AI during chats. 

About My AI

Users can communicate with My AI by sending Snaps of their activities. In addition, they can get a unique generative Snap in response. It’s vital to note that this feature is not available to Snapchat’s free users.


The photo-sharing website claims that users are using My AI as a creative tool for learning. In addition, they get suggestions on various subjects, including movies, sports, video games, and even prom attire. 

How will the new Snapchat feature work?

My AI will answer with a Snap that is appropriate for the user’s activity when they Snap a picture of their pizza, OOTD, or favorite pet. 

Snapchat gave the example of a user sharing a Snap with Snap My AI of their shopping products. In addition, My AI may then suggest a meal based on the ingredients in the Snap. My AI will save any messages, including Snaps. In addition, it will improve the overall user experience. 


My AI intends to avoid biased, inaccurate, damaging, or misleading information. Although, the business understands that mistakes can sometimes happen. Thus, the company urges users to not rely on My AI for recommendations. In addition, they can give feedback if they run into any problems. 

In addition, the app is giving its subscribers access to a number of exclusive features. Users can designate a buddy as their top BFF (Best buddy Forever) via one of these features. In addition, it places that person prominently at the top of their chat list.


Closing Note

Users can also track viewers of their Stories. In addition, it offers useful information about audience interest. Additionally, Snapchat+ gives users the option to add a custom design to the app icon. Further, it will allow them to personalize their Snapchat experience. Last but not least, Snapchat+ subscribers get an ad-free experience that lets them use the app without seeing any ads.

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