Snapchat to Soon Introduce New Subscription Plans


Snapchat is reportedly testing a new subscription plan. In addition, it will offer users an ad-free experience on the platform. The subscription plan Snapchat Plus has launched in Australia at a monthly cost of AUD 15.99. However, there are speculations that certain Snapchat Plus subscribers might need to pay an additional premium for access to the ad-free version.

About the New Feature of Snapchat

The company is currently testing the ad-free subscription plan. However, Norway users have already had access to this feature. The new plan aims to eliminate ads from stories and Lens ads. However, users may still encounter some sponsored ads.


Currently, the ad-free subscription plan is only available in Australia. In addition, users in other significant regions like the US or Canada still experience ads even with a Snapchat Plus subscription priced at AUD 5.99. Users may need a separate ad-free subscription plan to eliminate ads, but no official confirmation exists.

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Closing Note

Snapchat is following in the footsteps of platforms like YouTube and X. Additionally, the company is considering the possibility of charging users for an ad-free experience. However, the company has not shared any information regarding the launch of this feature. For now, Snapchat is in the testing phase for the ad-free experience.


Since the introduction of Snapchat Plus, the app has seen significant improvements. In addition, it includes custom app icons, chat wallpapers, custom notification sounds, generative chat wallpapers, and profile backgrounds, story boosts, and the ability to send gifts, among other exciting additions. These enhancements aim to enhance the overall user experience on the platform.

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