Snapchat Marks a New Music Licensing Deals


Snapchat has reached agreements with a number of music companies to grow its Sounds library. It is a feature of the social media app that enables users to include song excerpts in Snaps and Stories.

The Collaborators

According to the business, collaborating labels include UnitedMasters, a US label BUMA/STEMRA, a Dutch label, and SUISA Digital Licensing AG. In addition, it includes numerous direct-licensing publishers. 

Additionally, with various IP organizations, such as SUISA in Switzerland, AKKA/LAA in Latvia, Albautor in Latvia, and Armauthor in Armenia. In addition, Autodia in Greece, COMP in Pakistan, EAÜ in Estonia, GCA in Georgia, LATGA in Lithuania, SOZA in Slovakia, Abramus Digital in Brazil, and Soundreef in Italy.

About the SoundLibrary of Snapchat

The UnitedMasters-registered singers and songwriters’ “selection” of material will be accessible in the SoundLibrary, according to Snap. The libraries of SUISA Digital, BUMA/STEMRA, and others will also contribute to local artists’ sounds.

In a statement, Ted Suh, Global Head of Music Partnerships at Snap, stated, “We are delighted to expand the Snapchat Sounds experience as we continue building new tools and cultivating music industry relationships across the globe.


We want to enable discovery and make it simpler for Snapchatters globally to express themselves creatively with the music they love by providing a more excellent selection of music.

According to the business, up-and-coming artists collaborating with UnitedMasters are eligible for funding from the Sounds Creator Fund. Last year, Snap and DistroKid launched this program to give up to $100,000 a month (or $5,000 to 20 songs) to up-and-coming musicians.


Additionally, this scholarship offers creative assistance to artists so they can develop “relevancy” with the public. The sound playlists include popular licensed music from Snap. Thus, users can utilize them in their video clips on the platform. There will be more competition to get into those 20 positions because this label agreement includes new performers.

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Closing Note: 

When TikTok started to become a hub for music discovery in 2020, Snap responded by launching the Sounds feature. The business has agreements with numerous labels over the years, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Merlin (including their independent label members), NMPA, Warner Chappell Music, Kobalt BMG Music Publishing, and Universal Music Group. Its library also contains material from over 9,000 independent music publishers and companies.

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