Mozilla Announced that it has Improved Mobile Security and Privacy Protection


Mozilla has announced that it has improved mobile security and privacy protection in the Android version of its Firefox browser app. In order to enable users to prevent cookies from following them across websites,

People frequently shop for a product on one website and then notice it in an advertisement on another.

It will be rare to discover a gadget user who hadn’t browsed the internet for some kind of product before deciding not to purchase it after taking a few glances at its website.


Next, when the user visits other websites unrelated to the one where they were buying, advertisements for the item or things they were previously considering the start to display.

This occurs as a result of cookies that follow a user from one website to another. As a result, Mozilla has declared that the Complete Cookie Protection (TCP) setting would be the default setting for its Firefox app for Android.

This will enhance the security and privacy features of mobile devices. Users of the software may already access this feature on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Users of Android mobile devices can now gain from increased privacy standards.


TCP’s mobile security and privacy work by preventing cookie sharing between websites.

Third-party cookies allow third parties to collect information about a person online. They add up to create an online identity. The information is then sold by data brokers to companies so that they may target their advertisements to users with the particular goods and services they are looking for.

TCP, however, ensures that the cookies generated by user browsing only belong to the site from which they originated. This prevents businesses from learning anything about a user’s actions or the information they submit into forms unless it takes place on their own website. The user won’t be followed online by it.

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This improves mobile security and privacy since, for example, a website will know if a user visits and purchases shirts. You won’t be aware that the same user has previously purchased socks from a different online retailer, though.

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