Microsoft Launched a New Bing Image Creator Feature

Bing Image Creator

Microsoft has added a new feature called “Bing Image Creator” to the new Bing and Edge preview that enables users to generate an image by describing it in their own words. This new feature was generated with the help of an improved DALL-E model from Open AI.

Bing preview users have begun to receive Bing Picture Maker integrated into Bing conversation. In addition, English-speaking users of desktop and mobile devices worldwide can access it from the Image Creator icon in the sidebar of Microsoft Edge.

Also, the business announced that Picture Maker will soon be accessible from the new Bing button in chat mode in the Edge preview version.

About the Bing Image Creator

“Image Maker allows users to create an image from scratch by entering a description of the image. In addition, it will add extra contexts like place or activity and selecting an art form. Users creative copilot, if they will.

Bing Image Creator

In order to get started generating a graphic for a newsletter to friends or as inspiration for remodeling the home space, simply type anything like “draw an image” or “make an image” as a chat prompt “Added Microsoft in a blog post.

Bing is gaining two new search capabilities, Visual Storytelling and Knowledge Cards 2.0. In addition to the new picture generator.

According to the firm, “We are also making Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0 available to all Bing users to accommodate the rising demand for richer visual search experiences.”

Bing Image Creator

An infographic-inspired experience driven by AI called Knowledge Cards 2.0 presents interesting facts and important information quickly.

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The company said they have also modified feature dynamic, interactive material such as timelines, graphs, charts, and visual storytelling.

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