LinkedIn Plans to Add New In-App Gaming Feature


LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is working on introducing a new game experience. The company aims to tap into the puzzle-mania trend. In addition, it has led to the viral success of games like Wordle. LinkedIn’s new games will include titles such as “Queens,” “Inference,” and “Crossclimb.”

Code Hints About LinkedIn Games

App researchers have discovered code that suggests LinkedIn’s work on gaming. A possible idea is to organize player scores by their places of work. In addition, it will then rank companies by their scores. Nima Owji, one of the researchers, shared this finding.


Confirmation and Launch Date by LinkedIn

A spokesperson for LinkedIn has confirmed that the company is working on gaming. However, they have not provided a specific launch date for the games. The spokesperson mentioned that the company will add puzzle-based games to LinkedIn. In addition, it aims to bring some fun, deepen relationships, and spark conversations among users.


Microsoft’s Involvement

LinkedIn’s owner, Microsoft, is a major player in the gaming industry. Its games business includes Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax. Microsoft generated US$ 7.1 billion in revenues last quarter, surpassing its Windows revenues for the first time. However, the LinkedIn spokesperson did not disclose the extent of Microsoft’s involvement in the gaming project at LinkedIn.


The Popularity of Puzzle-Based Casual Games

Games, especially puzzle-based casual games, are popular among mobile phone and PC users. These games generate significant revenues and engagement. Non-gaming platforms have recognized this trend. In addition, they have incorporated puzzle games to boost their traffic. The popularity of puzzles, such as crosswords, predates the internet, with newspapers and magazines using them to engage readers.


Wordle’s Success and Other Platforms

Wordle, a viral hit acquired by The New York Times in 2022, continues to attract millions of players. The game has become part of a larger platform of online puzzles and games developed by the newspaper. Other platforms, like Facebook, have seen mixed results with gaming. 

Facebook shut down its standalone gaming app in 2022. In addition, it was due to declining usage, shifting its focus to mixed reality experiences and its Meta Quest business. 


LinkedIn has also experimented with various features over the years to enhance user engagement. In addition, it includes online education, professional development, publishing, news, video tools, and influencer partnerships.

Closing Note

LinkedIn is venturing into the gaming space by introducing puzzle-based games within its platform. The company aims to add a fun element, deepen relationships, and encourage conversations among its users. There is no mention of Microsoft’s involvement. However, LinkedIn’s owner is a major player in the gaming industry. 

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Puzzle-based casual games have proven to be popular among mobile and PC users. Additionally, the non-gaming platforms have leveraged this trend to boost their traffic. Wordle’s success and The New York Times’ acquisition of the game highlight the appeal of puzzle games in the online space.

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