Huawei to Launch its New Nova 11 Series on April 17

Nova 11 Series

Huawei, a leading Chinese technology company, will launch its much-anticipated Huawei Nova 11 series on April 17, 2023, at Chinese local time.

Also, the business published a graphic of the new smartphone series, which shows the device’s back.

Specification and Features of Nova 11 Series

The new phone resembles the Huawei P60 series in terms of the overall design, with a frame.

In addition, the rear camera module has a long oval + circular three-camera system, according to a promotional poster published by Huawei. 

The phone’s rear panel sports an intriguing new “Nova” texture all over that appears to be a vegan leather finish. The color of the back panel is also reflected in the logos for HUAWEI and Nova.

Nova 11 Series

“Dare to shoot, dare to be amazing,” the catchphrase Huawei adopted for the launch event denotes that the new phone would have exceptional photographic capabilities. In addition, it is potentially even better than its predecessors.

Camera Feature

The Nova 11 series will reportedly employ variable aperture camera technology. In addition, it will enable users to control the aperture of the camera. Additionally, it will control the amount of light it lets in.

This function is perfect for taking portrait photos, as a wide aperture may blur the background and sharpen the subject.

Nova 11 Series

The main camera sensor on the Nova 11 series will also have an RYYB color array. Additionally, it will make night photography extremely bright. 

With the help of this function, low-light photography can produce brighter, more colorful photographs. According to rumors, the Qualcomm chip allegedly powering the Nova 11 series will deliver tremendous performance.

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During the event, Huawei plans to introduce a new smartwatch in addition to the Nova 11 series and other exciting devices.

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