Google to Temporary Shut Down its New AI Image Feature


Google has announced that it is temporarily halting its Gemini artificial intelligence chatbot from generating images of people. In addition, this decision comes after the company apologized for “inaccuracies” in historical depictions. 

Users of Gemini posted screenshots on social media of historically white-dominated scenes with racially diverse characters that they say it generated. Thus, it leads to questions about whether the company is over-correcting for the risk of racial bias in its AI model.


Google Addressing Recent Issues and Plans for Improvement

Google has acknowledged the recent issues with Gemini’s image generation feature. In addition, the company stated that it is already working to address these concerns. The company has announced that it will pause the image generation of people. Additionally, they will re-release an improved version soon.

Concerns About Racial and Gender Bias in AI Image Generation


Previous studies have shown that AI image-generators can amplify racial and gender stereotypes found in their training data. Without filters, they are more likely to generate lighter-skinned men when asked to generate a person in various contexts.



Google’s decision to temporarily stop Gemini’s AI chatbot from generating images of people. In addition, this decision reflects the company’s commitment to addressing concerns about racial and gender bias in AI image generation. It also demonstrates the company’s dedication to improving the accuracy and inclusivity of its AI models.

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