Google to Introduce New “Speaking Practice” Feature in Search


Google is currently testing a new feature in Search called “Speaking practice.” In addition, it aims to help users improve their conversational English skills. This feature targets English learners in select countries. These countries include Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela. Furthermore, these countries are part of Google’s Search Labs program for early-stage Google Search experiences.

Goal of the Experiment

The primary goal of this experiment is to enhance users’ English skills. It will work by engaging them in interactive language learning exercises powered by AI. The feature will help users use new words in everyday scenarios. Additionally, it will improve their conversational English skills through back-and-forth conversational practice.


Functionality of Speaking Practice by Google

The Speaking practice feature prompts users with conversational questions that they need to respond to using specific words. For example, a scenario could involve the AI asking the user a question related to getting into shape. Further, it will prompt them to respond using specific words like “exercise,” “heart,” and “tired.” In addition, the aim is to help English language learners hold a conversation in English. However, it will help in understanding the proper use of different words.


Potential Implications by Google

The launch of this new feature suggests that Google may be positioning itself as a competitor to language learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel. This move aligns with Google’s previous ventures into language learning tools, such as the 2019 feature. In addition, it allowed Search users to practice how to pronounce words properly.


In summary, Google’s “Speaking practice” feature in Search is an innovative tool. It aimed at helping English learners improve their conversational English skills through interactive language learning exercises powered by AI. This feature has the potential to provide valuable support for language learners. Additionally, it may position Google as a significant player in the language learning space.

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