Getty Images Unveil a New GenAI Service

Getty Images

Getty Images, a stock media company, recently announced the launch of a new service called Generative AI by iStock at CES 2024. This service utilizes AI models trained on Getty’s iStock stock photography and video libraries. As a result, it will generate new licensable images and artwork.

Features and Integration of New Service by Getty Images

Small businesses can use iStock’s Generative AI for stock photos. It can modify existing images as well as generate new ones. The service is available in 75 languages. In addition, users can integrate it with existing apps and plug-ins through an API.

Getty Images

Copyright Protection

Getty claims that Generative AI by iStock helps to guard against the generation of known copyrighted elements such as products, people, and places. As a result, this will ensure that customers can use AI in their creative process without the risk of infringing on legally protected content.

Pricing and Legal Coverage of Getty Image New AI Service

The cost of using Generative AI by iStock is $15 per 100 generated images. Additionally, Getty provides legal coverage of up to $10,000 for any licensed visual that a customer generates using the service.

Getty Images

Copyright Concerns and Lawsuits of Getty Images

The use of generative AI models has raised copyright concerns in the creative community. In addition, some artists have filed lawsuits against companies like Stability AI, Midjourney, and DeviantArt, alleging copyright infringement. Additionally, Getty Images has sued Stability AI for allegedly copying and processing millions of images and associated metadata owned by Getty in the U.K.

Getty Images


Generative AI by iStock is Getty Images’ latest offering in the field of AI-generated images and artwork. The service aims to provide an affordable and legally compliant option for businesses, designers, and marketers to incorporate AI into their creative processes.

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