ByteDance to Unveil a New AI-Powered Music Creation App Soon!


ByteDance is developing another app. In addition, the app focuses on using AI to create music. The business said that “Ripple,” an app for creating music, originated in-house.

About the App Ripple


Similar to digital audio workstations (DAWs), Ripple lets users produce and modify tracks. It currently runs in an invite-only limited beta. Ripple is marketed as a less complicated, more efficient means to write creative songs than DAWs. In addition, it requires some prior knowledge or at least some experience to get the hang of them.

How does the new app of ByteDance work?

Simply humming a melody into the phone’s microphone can cause Ripple to turn it into music. In addition, it will add its own AI-generated instruments like drums, guitars, and bass. If users want a full-length recording, they need to prepare themselves to hum for several minutes. However, the precise period of time that they hum will determine the song’s length.


Ripple can only produce instrumental music. In addition, authors must add vocals. Even so, it might be a practical approach for musicians without musical training to produce their own music.

Users can also chop and rearrange audio files in Ripple’s “virtual recording studio” to create the perfect song.


Closing Note

According to ByteDance, the music used for Ripple’s training is either their property or was provided under license. Additionally, the app will link to TikTok. Thus, users may import tracks to utilize as background music.

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