Authentic Brands Group Unveiled a New Take Action Campaign

Authentic Brands

Global Citizen, a global advocacy organization, and Authentic Brands Group, a brand creation, marketing, entertainment, and digital platform, have partnered to establish a joint “Take Action” brand mark campaign.

Customers are urged to utilize their purchasing power to influence “the most urgent issues facing humanity and the planet,” according to the program.

About the Take Action Initiative of Authentic Brands 

A series of co-branded product collections will include the “Take Action” brand mark.

In addition, the first will be a capsule collection with Authentic’s Reebok, then AĆ©ropostale, Nautica, Lucky Brand, and Authentic brands.

Along with donations, there will be marketing initiatives throughout the prolonged partnership.

Authentic Brands

Co-branded footwear, clothing, and accessories for men and women will be available at the Reebok shops and online. In addition, it will be available at a few select retailers starting in October.

Take Action, our unique collaboration and the central theme of our partnership with Global Citizen, has just been unveiled, said Natasha Fishman. She is a chief communications officer and executive vice president of marketing at Authentic.

Authentic Brands

Closing Note

Take Action partnerships will raise public awareness of brand goals and Global Citizen’s objective to end severe poverty.

Customers who buy products with the Take Action mark will be aware that they are helping the beneficial effects on the world. In addition, they are encouraging others to do so.

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“Through our partnership with Authentic and the development of the Take Action brand mark, Global Citizen will reach new audiences.

In addition, they will inspire them to Take Action on the most pressing issues our world is facing,” said Liza Henshaw, president of Global Citizen.

Later this year, we’re excited to introduce our first joint product with Reebok.

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