Artifact News App Unveils New Update


The news app Artifact, founded by the creators of Instagram, debuted a new set of features. In addition, it will let users report clickbait items and emoji their reactions. Additionally, it allows users to share articles as photos.

About the New Feature of Artifact

The app previously let users flag articles for things like “spam,” “paywall,” “broken image or link,” “I just don’t like it,” “too many ads,” and “false or misleading information.” The company’s strategy for separating some of these signals from clickbait is unclear.

The business has only recently released the tool. In addition, it is now gathering data to determine how to use it most effectively. 

“We are currently collecting data. We just launched the reporting tool. In addition, in the next weeks, we’ll decide how to best use it to help people. Systrom added, “We’re being careful because, as the user might expect, there is quite a bit of noise in these signals.”

In order to prevent any articles from being accidentally deleted or changed, Systrom noted that Artifact is now personally checking clickbait reports.

The additional two traits are also desirable. Users can now respond to articles with one of six emojis. In addition, it includes “thumbs up,” “heart,” “laughing face,” “angry face,” “amused face,” and “sad face.”

The app has also increased the sharing of articles. In addition, it will enable users to share articles directly as images with several card options that include the source name and synopsis.

Users can save the content as an image or instantly share it on Instagram stories. Additionally, they can choose a passage of text from an article to send as a photo card.

How can users use this new feature?

The three-dot menu in the article view or a long press in the feed view is the new way to use the clickbait flag feature. In addition, it will allow users to identify deceptive articles. 

According to the business, it will utilize these findings as indicators to “better prioritize helpful articles over misleading ones.”

Closing Note

The app included AI-powered article summaries last month. It focused on writers this month by enabling them to claim their profiles and for readers to follow them.

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“Perhaps what we could do is develop this platform where we connect readers with the authors of the content they enjoy reading, and we can grow a following for these authors on Artifact,” Systrom.

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