Apple Unveils a New NameDrop Feature


Apple recently unveiled NameDrop. In addition, it is a function that iOS 17’s AirDrop has integrated. Users can now exchange contact information more efficiently than ever due to NameDrop.

About the New Feature of Apple

Users don’t need to search for pals on AirDrop or scroll through a list of nearby Apple devices. Additionally, they can bring their iPhones close together to exchange contact information. Having to sift through multiple gadgets when the person they are looking for is right in front of the user is no longer necessary.


How will this feature work?

With the help of this function, users may design visually stunning graphics. In addition, it includes their face or Memoji and their name in various fonts and colors. Posters appear on the user’s contact card when they make a call. Additionally, they can show up on their friend’s iPhone. The choice of phone numbers and email addresses the user wants to include with their custom poster is up to them.


Closing Note

Additionally, Apple has included a new gesture to iOS that entails holding two iPhones close to one another in order to transmit various files using AirDrop. This gesture can use to share more than just contacts. With the addition of new features, Apple now allows iPhone users to share images, and listen to music via SharePlay. Additionally, they can watch movies and play games while nearby.

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