Apple to Introduce Multiple New Features for its Watch


Apple may add more potentially life-saving features to the Apple Watch. This decision comes after the success of Crash Detection, ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, and Fall Detection. Users should anticipate the introduction of these new safety features early next year.

About the Feature by Apple

Apple Watch by 2024 may include the two essential health functions. In addition, it includes a blood pressure monitor and a sleep apnea detector. When the user’s blood pressure rises, the blood pressure monitor alerts them.


Furthermore, there are rumors that Apple is investigating to create an improved model that would offer accurate systolic and diastolic pressure readings. There are also rumors that the corporation is thinking of developing a blood pressure journal. In addition, it will allow users to log any time their blood pressure rises.

Other Features of the Watch

According to reports, the Apple Watch will also track a person’s breathing habits. Additionally, it will track sleep habits in order to predict the occurrence of a specific ailment. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis, a related app may then advise the wearer to see a doctor.


These features are consistent with Apple’s recent focus on packing several health-related features into its smartwatches. The speculated Apple Watch Series 10 may include these potentially life-saving technologies. In addition, the watch will launch in 2024.


Closing Note

Apple Watch has planned to unveil a non-invasive blood sugar monitoring feature. In addition, it is another potentially life-saving feature. With the visionary co-founder Steve Jobs at the helm, Avolonte Health, a startup founded in 2011, embarked on a technological journey that spanned over a decade. Nestled in the heart of Cupertino, this tech giant diligently labored to bring their groundbreaking innovation to life. However, there are no plans to introduce it next year; instead, a launch later in the decade seems more likely.

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