Apple Plans to Roll Out a New Feature


Apple intends to offer a new feature that transforms locked iPhones into smart home displays with iOS 17. The interface will show data. In addition, it includes calendar appointments, the weather, and notifications in the manner of a smart home display. This interface will work when the user has locked and held it horizontally. 

About the New Interface of Apple


The interface will function similarly to Google and Amazon smart home products. The purpose of the rumored function is to increase the utility of iPhones. It will work when they are laying on a desk or nightstand and not in use. The features will have a dark background and bright lettering. In order to make it simpler to read from a distance.

Features of the Interface

The smart home-inspired display will expand on Apple’s lock screen widgets. In addition, the company introduced it last year as a part of iOS 16. Additionally, it lets users see quick facts. Further, it shows weather and news below the time on their lock screens.


Apple aims to bring this smart home-style display feature to the iPad. However, the company warns that it doesn’t do it as quickly as it does with the iPhone. Also, currently, iPads don’t support iPhone’s lock screen widgets.


With iOS 17, Apple plans to make significant updates to the Wallet app for the iPhone. In addition, it aims to improve its location services. The company has added a journaling tool. Thus, it will assist users to track their ideas, among other enhancements. 

Other Updates of Apple Coming Up

Additionally, Apple is developing upgrades for SharePlay. It is a function that enables users to stream TV shows, movies, and music. They can simultaneously stream it with friends and family members. However, this feature will work in a FaceTime conversation.


Updates are also coming to AirPlay. In addition, it enables users to stream or share video from their Apple devices to their Apple TV or compatible smart TV. In order to make it simpler for consumers to stream video and audio to devices they don’t own. Thus, the internet giant has been in discussions with hotels.


Apple’s Health app will also add tools for measuring emotions. In addition, it controls vision issues like nearsightedness for measuring emotions. Additionally, it protects against vision issues like nearsightedness.

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Closing Note

Apple will likely reveal the smart home-style display feature alongside iOS 17. At its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5. The tech giant will likely release its new AR/VR headset and the xrOS powering it. In addition, it will also reveal its new Mac laptops and software.

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