Apple Music Unveils a New Monthly Version of Replay

Apple Music

Apple Music has introduced a monthly version of its Replay experience. In addition, it is a yearly recap that shows users their top songs, artists, albums, and more. Starting today, users can now see their monthly music habits. Thus, it will give them additional access to their listening insights. The full experience is available through the website and requires an Apple ID to log in. 

In addition to top tracks, subscribers can see their monthly listening time. Additionally, Apple Music will tell them when they reached a certain milestone, like the total minutes played. There’s also an option to share Replay insights with family and friends. Further, it has revisited monthly and yearly stats in Apple Music’s archive. It’s important to note that only users who “listen to enough music” will get monthly stats.

Apple Music

Competition with Spotify Wrapped and Replay Mix Playlist

The new monthly version is likely an effort to continue competing with Spotify Wrapped. In addition, the company introduced several new features in 2023, including Spotify’s AI DJ. Additionally, a feature that matches users with a city based on listening history. Further, Apple’s Replay Mix playlist for 2024 is available today in the Apple Music app. The playlist represents a personalized top songs chart of the year and will be updated weekly.

Apple Music

How to Access Apple Music Replay

To access the Apple Music Replay experience, users can visit and log in with the same Apple ID used for Apple Music. This provides insights into the music that users listen to throughout the year, including top songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres, and stations. The feature calculates these based on the user’s listening history in Apple Music, the number of plays, and the amount of time spent listening to each item.

Apple Music


The Replay Mix playlist for 2024 is now available on Apple Music alongside a monthly version of the Replay experience. As a result, it demonstrates Apple’s commitment to providing users with personalized insights into their music listening habits. By offering additional access to monthly listening insights and a regularly updated playlist of top songs, Apple Music aims to enhance the user experience and compete with similar features offered by other music streaming platforms.

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