Apple Enhances New Spotlight Search in iOS 18


In the upcoming iOS 18, Apple is focusing on enhancing the traditional approach to obtaining information by improving its Spotlight Search feature. This feature is accessible by swiping down on the middle of the Home Screen. In addition, it currently aids iPhone users in discovering content on their devices and the web. Thus, it will serve as an alternative to Google Search. With the introduction of semantic search capabilities, users will now be able to effortlessly explore the content within their apps using natural language queries.

Apple Semantic Search Capabilities


Previously, Spotlight could only retrieve app content when search terms matched exactly. However, with semantic search capabilities, users can search for similar-meaning content within apps. Through the Core Spotlight framework, developers can contribute searchable content to Spotlight. In addition, users can find it in a private index on users’ devices, inaccessible to other apps. This advancement in semantic capabilities allows Spotlight to better understand developers’ content. Additionally, it enables users to search for app content in their way.

Improved User Experience


As a result of these enhancements, users will experience more efficient search results when looking for specific content within apps. For instance, when searching for a local hiking trail, the semantic search capabilities will return results related to the user’s query, even if the exact terms are not in the trail’s name. Additionally, developers can prioritize certain content, such as marking a user-saved trail as a favorite, to rank higher in search results. As a result, it will lead to a more personalized user experience.

Apple Enhanced Siri Integration


Apple also noted that this update will help Siri better understand app content. Thus, it will ultimately contribute to an improved user experience. While not as flashy as AI-powered assistants or integrations, this under-the-hood update promises to greatly enhance the way iPhone users access information within their apps, whether as an alternative to web search or for more seamless app content discovery.

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